Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Get Well Wishes

Hi Everyone!

It seems I've finally returned to my night owl status! For the last few weeks I've been dragging by 9 and officially in bed by 9:30, but last night I was up until well after midnight. I wanted to make some get well cards for my shop and I actually got quite a few done. This is one of them and I really like the way it turned out - so much so I plan on making a bunch for myself when I get some time. Ha! Unfortunately that won't be happening today as I we're rearranging furniture in two bedrooms tonight. My son just got a new desk and I need to make room for it, and then we have to move the bed away from the window in our bedroom which means moving EVERYTHING. I like the bed by the window during the summer, but when it gets cold (like I know it's going to) I like it clear across the room.

Anyway, back to my card. It was so simple. The flowers are Stampin' Up!. I stamped the flower three times on purple paper, cut them out and then attached a brad to the center of each flower. The rest is just card stock and DCWV background paper. Oh and sorry about the cruddy lighting in the pictures. We've got clouds and rain today.

Okay I'm off to clean (ugh) bedrooms so my big, strong, handsome hubby can move furniture tonight while I stamp. :o) I know he's going to read this from work so I'll probably get a phone call anytime now.

Have a great day!
Sue :o)

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  1. Hi Sue
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's lovely when people leave such positive comments. Just been having a look at your fabulous work, so well produced and utterly fantastic. Will be keeping an eye on you and pinching some of your ideas!!! :)
    x Michelle