Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camping Trip

Hi Everyone!
We just got back from a few days of camping so I thought I'd share a few photos.   We went to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana - and boy was the scenery beautiful!   I didn't see any turkeys though - go figure.

We did see lots of trees though.   We've camped in a few places that don't have a lot of trees on the campgrounds and well - camping in direct sunlight all day is not fun.   The trees made it nice and shady.

We also met some interesting friends on this trip.   My girlfriend was talking to me this morning and stopped mid-sentence and said "You're not afraid of bugs are you?" LOL.   I turned around and found this little critter on my chair.   I have no idea what it is but as we inspecting it and photographing it someone wondered aloud if it could fly - and then it did.   I also made friends with a little butterfly who perched on my arm and wouldn't leave for about 20 minutes.   What an awesome experience that was!

This photograph is from a short hike we went on this morning.   I'm a wimp and only do the easy trails but this one was really cool.   We were in one area with large rock formations towering on both sides of us and it was just amazingly beautiful.   There's nothing like walking in the midst of God's handiwork on a Sunday morning - and in fact I felt like we were in a sanctuary He made instead of one with four walls.

We had a great time on this trip.   We got to see one of the big wind farms out in the cornfields on the way down, the scenery in the park was gorgeous and of course it was wonderful to spend time with friends - and bugs! :o)

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Sue :o)

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, it's nice seeing other areas around the country! Wow on that bug, looks kind of like a leaf, and so cool about the butterfly staying on your arm so long! We've done some hiking this summer too, loved every minute of it!