Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love (And a Lot of Snow) Is In the Air

Hi everyone!
I woke up this morning to lots and lots of white fluffy stuff. It's soooo pretty, but I only say that because someone else drove my son to school this morning. I'm sure I'll change my tune around 3 when I have to go get him. :o) Ah that's okay. Doing donuts in the snow and skidding through intersections is one of the joys of Midwest winters and I don't feel that I've actually experienced winter until one of those two things (or both) happens.

I'm getting started on some Valentines cards! I'm not sure if I'm going to put these in my Etsy shop, or if I'm going to keep them and send them to my friends and family. Can you tell I'm loving my Cricut? It took me no time at all to cut the letters, and then I sat and played for a few hours and got the cards finished. I used a variety of embellishments - buttons, punches, Stickles, brads - you name it. Whatever I found in my hefty stash of fun stuff to glue on cards, I used! I think my favorites are the punched daisies with pearl centers.

Well, I'm off to get some work done. I still haven't taken my Christmas stuff down yet. Can you say "draggin' your feet a little bit"? I've got a good excuse though. I decided the other day to start a major kitchen cleaning and I've been busy taking everything out of cupboards, reorganizing and scrubbing everything from ceiling to floor. Some people do Spring cleaning, but I never get that bug until winter time. I'm weird like that.

I hope you have a wonderful day and for those of you experiencing snowy conditions - be safe and stay out of my way! LOL.

Sue :o)


  1. Sue, ALL of these LOVE cards are wonderful! I too just took down my tree today! :( You should enter the PINK, RED & BLACK card in the Embellish color/heart challenge! Sending you warm wishes from Phoenix :)

  2. lol, you are so funny! I'm the same way about snow- I'm from SF, we don't get any there. But here in Dallas today, 15 degrees!
    I am lovin' your LOVE cards!!! Very pretty!!
    I'll let you get back to your kichen, have funnnnnn! xOxO

  3. Each so cute, love all the things you put on the word love! I don't like driving on icy/snowy roads either! That's great your organizing, I've been doing a little here and nice when it's done! Have a great day!

  4. Thank you for thinking of me Sue!!!!! Love your daily scripture box at the top, always seems to be what I need to hear!! xoxo

  5. Great post! I enjoyed it. There are amazing cards! I have also a big collection of such hand made cards.

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