Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is It Christmas Yet?

Oh wow, I hope not. LOL. I am so not ready for the best holiday of the year. I'm going on the third day of decorating my house, but of course I'm doing other things as I'm decorating. That's why it takes me three days to get it all done. My Bible study group is hosting a Ladies' Tea at church in a few weeks and we've been preparing for that, along with shopping and cleaning and working on my lessons for Sunday morning children's worship. Whew. Sometimes I think I'm involved in too many things. My husband would nod and laugh if he heard me say that. And to boot my son has been sick and at home for the last two days! He had 102.6 fever last night. He's okay now though, so Mom can relax a little.

I have a few Christmas cards to post today, and much more in the works. There's a lot on my desk that still needs to be photographed, and I will get to it eventually. I'm very excited because my father in law gave me an early Christmas present this year - he told me go out and buy the Cricut and some cartridges - so I did! I've been having a lot of fun playing with it and can wait to start showing some of my creations.

Stamp Credits:
The Snowmen are Great Impressions
The Nativity is from Clear Dollar Stamps
The Holly Berry is Penny Black

I'll try to post again soon. In the meantime, God bless!
Sue :o)


  1. All the cards are great!
    I just the the first one, very cute snowmen and fun BG paper.

  2. Your Christmas cards are all darling! Woohoo on the new Christmas present, that's great! Glad your son is doing better too.

  3. ALL of your cards are wonderful Sue! I looove snow people!!! :) I am so happy for you in regards to your early Christmas present! You are going to love what the Cricut is capable of. Happy to hear your baby is feeling better :)

  4. Hi Sue
    Hope you had a great day and wishing you all you would wish for yourself in 2010
    x Michelle

  5. Pretty Christmas cards! I like that second one. I have made some cards myself like these. Thanks for such adorable post.

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